Empty Homes vs Furnished Homes – Which Sell Better?

Do empty Colorado Springs homes for sale have a better chance of selling if they were furnished? A lot of realtors would prefer to list a furnished home because the numbers support that an empty home is typically harder to sell.

Let’s Explore Some Colorado Springs Real Estate Tips Related To This Topic:

According to studies of the eye, an empty room will almost always appear smaller than a furnished room. When home buyers view Colorado Springs properties, they are trying to get an idea of how a home will work with their furnishings. In many cases, home buyers will relate the size and fit of furnishings already present in a home for sale to their own. If homes are empty, it makes this part of the buying process much more difficult.

Many home buyers will purchase a property based on a feeling. An empty home can sometimes give off the impression that, well, it is empty and all alone. An empty home will sometimes have a hard time giving off a warm inviting feel. Now, this is not always true with new homes or homes that have been completely remodeled from head to toe, but this article pertains to the typical homes for sale in a marketplace.

Another contributing factor to the reasons why empty homes are harder to sell is that there are fewer things to look at and draw a home buyers attention away to things that may not be perfect inside a home. A typical home buyer does want to spend their time making repairs and fixing glaring problems. By leaving a home empty, there is an increased likelihood that a small problem can appear bigger and more noticeable. For example, carpet stains will clearly be visible in an empty home and uncovered walls will reveal holes, scratches and nicks that may be present.

Finally, the exterior of an empty home will often be worse for wear. It is a simple fact that homes which are empty are not lived in and are more likely to be neglected. For example, the lawn may not be properly watered and mowed or the walkways will have weeds growing through or be covered with dirt or debris. Never forget that curb appeal is a huge selling point for many home buyers. You never get a second chance to make a first impression with anything, including Colorado Springs real estate.

Currently, a majority of the United States is experiencing a buyers market. There is much competition between home sellers. This being the case, you really need to consider whether keeping a home empty is in your best interests at this time. If you must move out of your home due to a job relocation, you might consider soliciting the help of a professional home stager. This can be a viable alternative. As always, be sure to consult with a Colorado Springs REALTOR before making any decisions in this area. Visit here for more information about Colorado Springs commercial real estate.


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